About Us

Establishment of The Sesame Shop

The Sesame Shop was established in 2016.

The shop was originally established due to my love for Korean beauty products and the frustration of inaccessibility of these products in Sydney. At the time, most of the Korean cosmetics in Australia had price tags that is double or triple the RRP in Korea. There is also the uncertainty about the authenticity of the products. Therefore, I created The Sesame Shop, a place where I could bring the best Korean cosmetics to my fellow Aussies.

Our Vision

Over the years, Korean cosmetics have become much more accessible in Australia and you can sometimes get them cheaper than buying them in Korea. We’re unable to compare with some of the larger businesses, but we still would like to offer our unique values.

Being a small business, we only stock the best of the best. We analyse and test all the products we sell in the shop, make sure they’re good for the skin. We specialise in skincare products that are functional and suitable for sensitive skins. Our goal is to help our customers to achieve better skin.

We hand pick every single product in our shop, only selecting the products that uses safe and effective ingredients. We reject products that are hyped but useless. We share our honest and detailed reviews in our blog, so you could make an informed choice.

We’d like you to feel valued as a customer, trusting us to guide you through the road to better skin.

Why We Love Korean Beauty

Our Promises