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Chemical Exfoliation?! – Primera Facial Mild Peeling Review

Chemical peeling is a cosmetic procedure that uses an acid to dissolve the surface of the skin and renews the skin. Many people have received results of smoother, brighter and less wrinkled skin after the treatment.

Over the counter facial peeling uses similar acids but at a much less concentration, so they can be safely at home. Their main function is to remove dead skin cells, revealing smoother and more refined skin. I’ve tried several peels over the years and never really fell in love with any. In some cases, I didn’t like the smell of acid and the sensation of burning (although slight) on my face, and in others, I didn’t find them as effective as physical exfoliators.

But the Primera Facial Mild Peeling has changed my view on chemical peels. It is mild, but effective. It does not smell sour or feels burning on the face, but you can feel and see the dead skin cells being “dissolved” as soon as it reaches the skin. There is no scrubbing involved and the skin feels extremely (squeaky) clean afterwards, yet non-drying at all. I don’t know what more you could ask from an exfoliator. No wonder this is the “best peeling gel nationwide” and Primera’s best seller.


The Primera Facial Mild Peeling comes in a 150ml pump bottle. Plastic bottle, simple and functional. Nothing fancy.

Primera Facial Mild Peeling – Packaging


The texture of this peel is a jelly like gel. It would slide away if you tilt your palm.

Primera Facial Mild Peeling – Texture


The Primera Facial Mild Peeling has a soothing and refreshing citrus (yuzu) scent. Not overly strong or sweet.


I use this about twice or three times a week, depends on how often I remember to use it.

After makeup removal and simple cleansing, I would dry my face slightly, then apply 2 pumps of gel spreading over the face. As soon as the gel touches the face, I could feel the dead skin cells being “dissolved” and lifted off the face. The dead skin cells then rolled together as I massage the face, like rubbing pencil marks. I then rinse off with warm water.

Primera Facial Mild Peeling – On Face

I also read that this could be used in the morning replacing the cleanser.


My face (and hand) feels squeaky clean after the peel (and dead skin cells) is rinsed off. My skincare products absorbs better and my makeup applies like a dream and stays longer. My face feels cleansed, soothed and smooth. There is no irritation or dryness at all. It has made into my “holygrail” and “can’t live without” list.

It is especially worth noting that this product is so mild that there is no irritation to the skin at all.


The Primera Facial Mild Peeling retails for 30,000 Won for 150ml, equates to AUD$37. It’s more of a department store price point. Not particularly cheap, but acceptable.

Purchase from The Sesame Shop for $39.8 here.

About Primera

Primera is a department store brand under Amorepacific, which also owns well known brands such as Sulwhasoo, Laneige, Innisfree, Etude House, etc.

The brand only contains a handful of skincare products, but you could tell they have really spent the time to create their products using unique ingredients, instead of copying what the market trend is.


Holy Grail peeling gel that removes dead skin cell, results in smooth, cleansed and radiant skin. Mild formula that is non-drying and non-irritating, suited to all skin types.

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