Wellage One Day Kit Review

Wellage One Day Kit was a hit in the Korean skincare market. It has been broadcasted with immediate lifting and anti-wrinkle effects, using “freeze-dried” hyaluronic acid that gets activated right before application. Is it really magical or just a novelty?

To me, Wellage One Day Kit is a replacement for sheet masking. It gives very similar results as you would get after doing a sheet mask, but without the wait-time and the hassle. It’s also a lot cleaner and environmentally friendlier than sheet masking. If sheet masking is one of the fundamentals of Korean skincare, then it’s not difficult to understand why Wellage One Day Kit was a hit.

In this post, I’ll review the Wellage Real Hyaluronic Bio Capsule & Blue Solution One Day Kit. In the same series, they also have the cica (green) version and the collagen (gold) version, and these do not differ too much from the basic blue version.


Wellage One Day Kit - Packaging
Wellage One Day Kit – Packaging

Wellage One Day Kit comes in a small packet, consisting of one ampoule and one capsule. The packaging is pretty well made, I’ve never had issues with opening-up the seal or snapping off the ampoule. The kit is lightweight and plane carry-on friendly.

Wellage One Day Kit - Separate Parts
Wellage One Day Kit – Separate Parts

Comparing to a traditional sheet mask, the Wellage One Day Kit definitely has a smaller carbon footprint and less wastage in packaging. You could also get larger packs without the individual paper boxes.


Wellage One Day Kit has two components, the “Hyaluronic Bio Capsule” and the “Blue Solution”. Basically, the Hyaluronic Bio Capsule is the freeze-dried Hyaluronic Acid (HA) in a compact ball form and the Blue Solution is the ampoule that’s used to melt and carry the HA ball.

Wellage One Day Kit - Freeze-Dried Hyaluronic Acid Ball
Wellage One Day Kit – Freeze-Dried Hyaluronic Acid Ball

Sodium Hyaluronate, Algin, Hydroxypropyl Cyclodextrin

Water, Propanediol, Dipropylene Glycol, Methylpropanediol, Glycereth-26, Glycerin, Niacinamide, 1,2- Hexanediol, Pentylene Glycol, C12-14 Pareth-12, Salvia Hispanica (Chia) Seed Extract, Centella Asiatica Extract, Houttuynia Cordata Extract, Sodium Citrate, Melia Azadirachta Leaf Extract, Ethylhexylglycerin, Citric Acid, Adenosine, Coccinia Indica Fruit Extract, Disodium EDTA, Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) Oil, Solanum Melongena (Eggplant) Fruit Extract, Aloe Barbadensis Flower Extract, Sodium Hyaluronate, Caprylic / Capric Triglyceride, Ocimum Sanctum Leaf Extract, Glycosyl Trehalose, Curcuma Xanthorrhiza Root Extract, Corallina Officinalis Extract, Melatonin, Acetyl Glutamine, Sodium PCA, Oleic Acid, Serine, Glycine, Ceramide NP

Wellage One Day Kit - Blue Solution
Wellage One Day Kit – Blue Solution

The “Bio Capsule” contains 91% Sodium Hyaluronate. The other 9% are carbohydrate (Algin) and sugar (Hydroxypropyl Cyclodextrin).

The “Blue Solution” has more ingredients. Most of them are solvents commonly seen in skincare, particularly in sheet masks. A few crowd-pleasing ingredients include Niacinamide, Centella Asiatica and Houttuynia Cordata. It also contains Ceramide for moisturisation and barrier repair.

Overall, I find the ingredients list pretty clean. There are no over-use of botanic extracts, essential oils or fillers. And this is reflected in the texture of the ampoule. It’s not overly gloopy, slimy or sticky. Instead, it’s lightweight and absorbed quickly into the skin.


The solution is water-like, very lightweight and flows well. There are no stickiness to it. The solution absorbed into the skin seamlessly.


The application is rather fun. I snapped the “Blue Solution” and squirted it into the white container that holds the HA ball. The HA ball quickly melted and disappeared into the solution. There were some bits unmelted, but it didn’t bother me too much. It disappeared during the application.

Wellage One Day Kit - Mixing of Two Parts
Wellage One Day Kit – Mixing of Two Parts

I then dipped my middle finger into the solution and applied the entire solution all over my face and neck. The amount is enough for applying two layers over my face and neck.

The solution was extremely flowy, therefore glided over my skin very easily. After a few circular massages, the solution is completed absorbed into the skin. My skin felt slightly greasy but not sticky.

I then followed with a moisturiser.

Wellage One Day Kit - Mixed Ampoule
Wellage One Day Kit – Mixed Ampoule


After a few moments, the shininess goes away, my skin felt soft and elastic. The plumpness in my skin was visibly noticeable, especially the apples of my cheeks were lifted and full of volume. Unlike sheet masks, where my skin would feel “full of water” and very solid type of plump, this ampoule doesn’t give the same “fullness” – that is, the skin doesn’t feel like a balloon full of water, but more like a pillow, soft and bouncy.

Wellage One Day Kit - Result
Wellage One Day Kit – Result

The ampoule gave a very natural glow to the skin. The only disappointing part would be its brightening effects. Most sheet masks would give me a lot of brightening effects (although temporary), this ampoule didn’t visibly brighten the skin.

One other thing I love about this ampoule is how gentle it is. My skin didn’t feel any discomfort or anything at all.

The other benefit is the ampoule is more suitable to use before make-up applications, as it’s not overly hydrating.


Wellage One Day Kit retails for 6,100 Won for a single-use pack, which equates to about $7.50 AUD. It’s a little expensive if you compare it with a sheet mask – which is normally $3~$5 AUD. But I really love how much Hyaluronic Acid you’re getting with this and it’s a lot more versatile and cleaner than sheet masks.


If you use sheet masks, you’ll love the Wellage One Day Kit. If not, it’s a great change and comes handy when you don’t have the time for a sheet mask, but want a quick pick-me-up.

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