Bush Fire Appeal

Dear Friends,

Hope you’re having a wonderful year so far.Our thoughts go out to those fellow Australians affected by the catastrophic bush-fire over the past few months and those that are fighting for it. We wish them all the best during this hard time and would like to contribute our little part.

We will be donating 100% of our profit for every purchase until the end of January.

If you were thinking about stocking up on your favourite K-beauty, now is the time!

Spread the word around, introduce The Sesame Shop to your besties so they can have great skin while helping those in need!

Little things that you can do to help with climate change:

  • Reduce your meat intake. Start by eating a vegetarian meal once a week.
  • Catch public transport when you can.
  • Recycle properly.
  • Reduce waste & re-use what you already have.
  • Cook whole foods rather than getting takeaway.

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