Ceramide is more than moisturising

Ceramide is more than moisturising

Do you know the skincare ingredient Ceramide? Do you think it has nothing to do with you because you have oily skin? Do you use a Ceramide product and think it’s “not doing much”? In this post, I’ll share the amazing things about Ceramide and how you could start incorporating it into your skincare immediately.

What is Ceramide?

Ceramide is a waxy lipid molecule, or in plain English, it’s an oil, that’s naturally produced by our skin. It acts as a binder that sticks together the keratin cells to form the outer layer of the skin, or the skin barrier. Often, the skin barrier is thought of as a brick wall, where Ceramide is the motar and keratin is the brick. As the level of Ceramide decreases as you age, you could imagine that your “brick wall” will not be as stable or even start to collapse. This is where you could get external help by using Ceramide-containing products to make your “brick wall” stronger.

Why should you care for a stronger skin barrier?

Whenever I talk to people about skin barrier, I get the look of “Why should I care?” Skin barrier isn’t just about protecting your skin against bacteria, it’s the fundamental of your skin’s health. If you have any skin problems, chances are, your skin barrier is compromised in some way.

The skin barrier retains moisture and thus keeping the skin elastic and supple. It resists against bacteria, fungi, UV rays, fine dust and other environmental damages, keeping the skin healthy and youthful.

Here are a few signs that your skin barrier is compromised:

  • Excessive oil/sebum production
  • Dry, rough skin, rapid loss of water
  • Acne
  • Sensitive skin, eczema
  • Itchiness
  • Gets heated/redness easily
  • Dull, saggy, loss of life or elasticity
  • Wrinkles, fine lines

From the list above, you can tell that compromised skin barrier is not just a problem for acne-prone or sensitive skins, it covers a range of skin problems. When you resolve the issue associated with skin barrier, you fix these skin problems from their roots, and this is where using Ceramide could help.

How does Ceramide help with different skin types?

Oily Skins

For oily skins, Ceramide helps to balance the water-oil content in the skin, by retaining water and reducing excessive sebum production, and regulating the water-oil balance. The reduced sebum production, along with proper cleansing, will also help to reduce the appearance of enlarged pores.

For oily skins, you can incorporate Ceramide in your cleansing, toning and moisturising steps. Choose products that are lightweight and non-occlusive to prevent further greases or clogging the pores.

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Dry Skins

For dry skins, Ceramide helps to repair the skin barrier, allowing the skin to retain water and prevent excessive moisture loss. It lubricates the skin and relieving the skin from dry patches, itchiness and roughness. As the skin retains more moisture, you will also see improvements in skin’s elasticity and radiance.

For dry skins, incorporate a Ceramide-rich moisturiser that provides long-lasting protection and prevents moisture loss, and avoid cleansers that are stripping.

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Acne-prone Skins

For acne-prone skins, Ceramide helps to regulate the water-oil balance of the skin, reducing sebum production, thus reducing the food that the acne bacteria feed on. It also strengthens the skin barrier, stabilising the skin condition, reducing the likelihood of bacterial infections. With a stronger skin barrier, you’ll also see faster recovery and reduced inflammation when acne occurs.

For acne-prone skins, incorporate products that are soothing and calming, avoid stimulating products to help the skin to recover.

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Sensitive / Eczema Skins

For sensitive skins, Ceramide helps to repair and strengthen the compromised skin barrier, improving the skin’s ability to resist against environmental damages. Ceramide helps to “thicken” the keratin layer thus reducing its reactiveness such as heating and redness.

For sensitive skins, incorporate Ceramide-rich products that are protective and free from stimulating ingredients.

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Aging Skin

For aging skin, Ceramide helps to support the skin’s elasticity by binding keratin together. As the “brick wall”starts to collapse, your skin will start to sag and lose elasticity. When Ceramide is re-introduced into the skin, it helps to support the “brick layers” and retain more moisture, plump up the skin, improve the skin’s elasticity and reduce the signs of aging.

For aging skin, incorporate Ceramide-rich products containing other antioxidants to boost the skin’s radiance and elasticity.

The Bottom Line

Ceramide is much more than moisturising. If you’re experiencing skin problems, whether it’s excessive oiliness or dryness, sensitivity or acne, chances are your skin barrier is compromised. Incorporating a Ceramide product will assist in repairing and strengthening the skin barrier and fixing skin problems from their roots. Ceramide will also assist in anti-aging by supporting the keratin and preventing the skin from sagging.

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