Ultimate Summer Skincare Routine (for all skin types)

Last summer, I shared a “lightweight summer skincare routine” where I focused on using only the essentials. This year, I want to share with you my current skincare routine which would suit all skin types. It’s lightweight but sufficiently hydrating, it’s soothing and full of antioxidants for brightening and achieving that natural glow and clarity for the skin, and finally, it builds a beautiful skin barrier that resists environmental and bacterial damages. I’m loving it a lot and I hope you can try some of these products out. Let’s be beautiful together!

1. Makeup Remover

Time to use: Night
How to use: Dispense a small amount and massage over dry skin to melt away makeup, sunscreen, dirt and sebum. Add a little water to emulsify, then rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.
Benefits: Like-dissolves like, so cleansing oils are the most effective for removing makeup and sebum. They’re also the least abrasive to the skin. I’m not too picky about cleansing oils, but it has to cleanse well, lightweight, non-drying and easy to rinse off. One other thing that I look for in cleansing oils is that it has to contain jojoba oil, which is the key for dissolving sebums. Klavuu happened to tick all of the boxes above.

2. Cleanser

Time to use: Morning & Night
How to use: Dispense a small amount and massage over wet skin focusing on the nose, butterfly zone and chin area where pores are more likely to be clogged. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water, then towel dry.
Benefits: I love this non-foaming gel cleanser. It’s super gentle but cleanses well. Its low pH, non-drying formula ensures the skin is perfectly balanced after cleansing. This is so important for the skin to perform well because most cleansers in the market are overly drying and will disturb the skin balance, then it opens up to all sorts of problems including overly dry or oily, acne, sensitivity and aging. So if you want to fix your skin problems, start with the right cleanser.
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3. Mist

Time to use: Morning & Night
How to use: Immediately after cleansing and towel dry the face, spray the mist evenly to the entire face. Pat gently until absorbed.
Benefits: Your skin starts to lose water as soon as it leaves the water, therefore it’s important to apply your skincare immediately after cleansing. That’s why I love mists, because you can spray it quickly and it’s usually lightweight enough to penetrate deep into the skin layer and hydrate from within. It’ll also help the following skincares to penetrate deeper and absorb better. This mist from Hyggee contains Birch Sap Juice, one of the most effective and soothing ingredients for hydrating, brightening and antioxidation. No matter what skin type you’re, you’ll love this mist.

4. Toner

Time to use: Morning & Night
How to use: Dispense a small amount to the palm, pat gently all across the face. Follow with a second layer if necessary.
Benefits: This toner is extremely gentle and soft on the skin. It has a water-like lightweight consistency that allows it to penetrate deep into the skin layer and hydrate from within. It contains multiple weights of hyaluronic acids to plump up the skin, leaving it bouncy and elastic. It’s also full of antioxidant-rich extracts that brightens the skin and adds the subtle glow to your complexion.
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Abib Heartleaf Essence Calming Pump

5. Serum

Time to use: Morning & Night
How to use: Pump once to the palm, pat gently all across the face.
Benefits: This serum from Abib is quite lightweight and absorbs into the skin quickly. It contains 86% Houttuynia Cordata Extract which is effective for soothing, brightening and repairing the skin. It strengthens the skin barrier and resists bacterial growth. I love Houttuynia Cordata and I think it’s much more effective than Centella Asiatica for acne-prone skins and it has more prominent effects for brightening. I think most of my skin’s clarity and radiance is due to the use of the Abib Toner and this serum.

6. Eye Cream

Time to use: Morning & Night
How to use: Take a very small amount, massage gently around the eye area and the roots of lashes.
Benefits: Eye cream is another item that I’m extremely picky about. It has to be smooth but non-greasy, nourishing enough, but not too heavy that causes milia or disturbs my eye makeup. Klavuu’s eye cream has it all. It has a great consistency that’s smooth and absorbs well into the skin. It’s very nourishing and sits well under makeup. It keeps my fine lines away and gives me healthy strong lashes. A little goes a long way, so don’t be scared by the price tag. Plus, if you’re going to use an eye cream, might as well using something that actually works.
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Benton Goodbye Redness Centella Gel

7. Moisturiser

Time to use: Night
How to use: Take an adequate amount, spread a thin layer across the entire face, massage gently until absorbed.
Benefits: I’ve been loving gels for moisturiser this summer. They’re cooling, hydrating and soothing, immediately relieving the over-heated skin. But some of them can be too watery that they don’t lock the moisture within the skin and cause the skin to dry out over a period of time. This Centella Gel from Benton is watery but at the same time, it locks the moisture within the skin for a long period of time. It contains 80% Centella Asiatica Extract to soothe the skin and lowers the skin temperature, effectively reduces inflammation and redness.

Supplementary products

These supplementary products will take your skincare routine to the next level.


Time to use: Night, Once a week
How to use: Pour a small amount to cotton pad, then wipe across the T-zone, butterfly zone, chin and forehead area.
Benefits: I’ve been using this toner once a week to keep my pores clean. The gentle formula works very well for my sensitive skin. My blackheads are greatly reduced when I use this toner.
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Lip Care

Time to use: Night
How to use: Apply an adequate amount to lips.
Benefits: I’ve been loving this Lip Sleeping Pack from Klavuu ever since I finished my Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask. It’s smoothing, nourishing and free of colourings. My lips are always soft and free of cracks and peels whenever I use this.
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