Winter Must-Haves: Skincare, Body and Hair Top Picks

I can feel this Winter is going to be a brutal one. It has come at speed, so fast and strong, and it’s only April. So get ready guys, give your skin lots of love and care, helping it get through the dry, windy weather that attempts to suck the moisture away. In this post, I’ll share my favourite comforting skin, body and hair care products for the Winter time, to combat against dryness, wrinkles and sensitivity.


Cleansing can be drying and damaging to the skin as surfactants in the cleansers can strip the skin’s natural oils, irritate and dry out the skin. During the harsh Winter season, I often reach for more gentle cleansing products that cleanses without stripping the skin and adds moisture and oil back to the skin.

The Aromatica Orange Cleansing Sherbet is an oil cleanser made with a blend of natural, plant derived oils that removes makeup and impurities from the pores. Unlike other sherbet type cleanser, this cleanser doesn’t contain any harsh surfactants, therefore only emulsifies slightly. It leaves a slight oil residue after cleansing, which moisturises and protects the skin.

The Real Barrier Cleansing Milk is a soft cream type cleanser that can be used for makeup removal or gentle cleansing. The cleanser removes makeup and impurities thoroughly but at the same time leaves the skin conditioned and moisturised. It doesn’t strip out the skin’s natural oil and contains Real Barrier’s patented Ceramide formula to strengthen the skin barrier. Read full review.

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During Winter, I like to use a toner with slightly more body and moisturising power to boost up the hydration level in the skin. My favourite is the Real Barrier Extreme Essence Toner. It has a milky texture that conditions and softens the skin instantly upon application. It contains 5 types of Hyaluronic Acid and Real Barrier’s patented Ceramide formula to deeply hydrate and moisturise the skin, as well as repair the skin’s barrier for better moisture retention.

Another favourite of mine is the Benton Aloe BHA Skin Toner, which I’ve used and loved for over 10 years. This toner is formulated mostly with Aloe Vera water, which is hydrating, soothing and repairing for the skin. It has a slightly slimy texture reminiscent of the Aloe Vera plant, but penetrates well into the skin. It contains 0.5% BHA for micro-exfoliation and keeping the pores clear.

Other toner recommendations for the Winter time are Tonymoly’s Wonder Ceramide Mocchi Toner and Wonder Rice Smoothing Toner, which are highly affordable and formulated with effective ingredients for hydrating and plumping the skin.


My favourite serum for the Winter time is the Ample:N Ceramide Shot Ampoule. It’s a milky serum that contains Ceramide and Niacinamide, which hydrates and brightens. Ceramide is really a powerful ingredient which not only moisturises but builds up the skin barrier, allowing it resist against harsh environmental stresses and to better retain moisture. Learn more about Ceramide. My skin felt hydrated, plump and stablilised when using this serum. 

Second favourite of mine is the CNP Laboratory Propolis Energy Ampule. Propolis is a great ingredient for hydration, brightening and anti-aging. Learn more about Propolis ampoules. This serum is formulated with 10% concentrated Propolis Extract. My skin felt instantly firmer and more radiant after using this proudct. This serum has a slightly tacky and lubricating texture that wraps around the skin giving it nutrition and protection.


Winter is the perfect time to incorporate an oil product into your skincare routine. Using an oil product will greatly improve the skin’s moisture content and prevents excessive water loss. Oils are often rich in antioxidants, therefore will boost up the skin’s antioxidant level and fight against aging. Learn how to use facial oils for oily skins

My favourite facial oil is the Urang Brightening Blue Oil Serum, which is virtually pure green tea seed oil. It’s highly moisturising yet quite lightweight for an oil. 1~2 drops a time is sufficient for the entire face and neck. It keeps the skin hydrated, prevents moisture loss and loads the skin with a tonne of antioxidants.

Another great facial oil is Aromatica’s Neroli Organic Facial Oil. This oil is slightly heavier with sunflower seed oil as its carrier oil, which is rich in Vitamin E for long lasting moisturisation. Neroli is orange blossom and is great for skin brightening. This oil has a strong orange blossom scent from the essential oil which reminds me a lot of my favourite Jo Malone perfume in orange blossom.


Nothing beats Real Barrier when it comes to a good comforting moisturiser for the Winter time. My favourite is the Real Barrier Extreme Cream. The upgraded formula now contains 20,000ppm of Real Barrier’s patented Ceramide, which really helps to moisturise and keeping the moisture for an extended period of time. This cream is highly comforting, wraps around the skin like a blanket, yet allowing it to breathe and not clogging the pores. The texture is buttery smooth and dense, but doesn’t feel suffocating on the skin. 

For oily skins, you can step down to the Real Barrier Intense Moisture Cream, which offers the same long lasting hydration but with a much lighter consistency. 

$45.00 AUD
$39.00 AUD


I love these two shampoos for combating against dryness in the hair: Nature Republic Blackbean Anti Hair Loss Shampoo and Pyunkang Yul Low pH Scalp Shampoo. Both of these shampoos are formulated with mild surfactants that doesn’t dry out the hair or the scalp. In addition, they leave the hair moisturised and conditioned. See review on Pyunkang Yul Shampoo.

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My favourite fix for dry, flaky, itchy skin in the Winter is the Pyunkang Yul Ato Cream Blue Label. This moisturiser is super comforting and protective. It relieves dry patches instantly and keeps the skin moisturised for a long period of time. I love using it as a hand cream, foot cream and body lotion. The formula is creamy and smooth, spreads out easily without grease and absorbs quickly into the skin. It’s fragrance-free and sensitive skin friendly. 

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